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Decoracion Escaparate Navidad

Enduring the cold for Happy Holidays
For the last few weeks, Christmas lights have begun to appear through the streets of Barcelona, hanging from the buildings to the trees and wishing "Bones Festes" (Happy Holidays) with campanas (bells), Papá Noel and árboles de navidad (Christmas trees). As more decorations appeared in the city and finally crept onto my street, I waited impatiently for the night when they would finally be lit.

Photo Album: Navidad!! Que felicidad!
Navidad!! Que felicidad!ColleaguesLiz & CesHasta Giselle...Say Cheese!!

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad - Single - David Crowder* Band
Feliz Navidad - Single by David Crowder* Band

Christmas Time (English Version for Tiempo de Navidad) - Marcos Witt
Christmas Time (English Version for Tiempo de Navidad) by Marcos Witt





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